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How to Speed Up Your Content Creation

One of my favorite strategies for helping entrepreneurs increase their visibility, grow their online presence and get more clients is through blogging. Or if you want to get technical about it, through content marketing. Unfortunately it’s not always something my clients get excited about doing! One of the reasons that they may feel resistant to embrace content marketing is that it can be time consuming. Lots of my clients are always on the lookout for ways to speed up their content creation. Content is the currency of any online business. Content attracts new clients, helps get you noticed on search engine results pages, and helps build a loyal following. But content takes time to create! Although you should never rush your online content, there are some ways to ensure you create it as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality… Don’t Constantly Edit The first time you draft a new piece of content, let the words flow without editing as you go. Write your entire first draft before you look for any spelling mistakes or potential changes. Most people tend to edit as they go along, and again at the end. This is a waste of time and will often halt the creative “flow”. Eliminate Distractions When you know it’s time to write your content, make a point to eliminate distractions. This might seem obvious, but are you really doing it? Many people tend to keep their Facebook, Twitter, email, and so on open on their browser while they’re writing. Even if you don’t check them, notification sounds affect our concentration. Find a quiet place where you can concentrate, and only have... read more

Why Email Marketing Still Works for Online Business

Social media gets a lot of buzz as a marketing tool, but it may not be the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Many people wonder what place email marketing holds in a noisy social media world. Some may even question if they still need email marketing, but there are many reasons that point to why you should still be looking to email as your primary digital tool for business. Here are 8 reasons why email is still tops… It’s a Numbers Game More people have email accounts than they do social media accounts, and more people still purchase through email than they do through social media messages. Plus, the truth is that social networks are still limiting your ability to get to your audience even when they have liked your page. That’s because you don’t own your list of “fans… the networks actually do and that’s part of why you often need to pay to increase your visibility there. Email Is More Personal People pay more attention when they see their name. The love to see something specifically addressed to them. Email gives you the personalization options that social media simply can’t (at least for now!). When you send a social media message it is going out to all audience members with no personalization, which can make them feel rather generic. Even when you send a bulk email, you still have the ability to personalize it for each recipient. It’s More Businesslike With social media you have to contend with cat videos and baby laughing videos, but with email messages your audience has signed up to receive your business... read more

7 Copywriting Tips to Get Your Content Noticed

I’ve spent a fair amount of time lately talking to entrepreneurs about the importance of effective copywriting. I happen to love writing. I know, I’m weird. I get it…in fact, I embrace it. 😉 Most small business owners didn’t set out to be writers but unless you want to pay someone else to do it for you, it is a super important skill to develop. Your copy can make or break the effectiveness of your marketing. Here are some “cold hard facts” for you…when someone lands on your web site you have less than 30 seconds to capture their attention before they hit the back button. When they look at that postcard you put time and money into designing and printing, you have seconds before they toss it. Your email headline is the most important part of anything you send – if it’s not compelling enough, it doesn’t matter what’s inside. Your social media updates better be compelling or that link will never get a click (no matter how good the photo is). What do all of those things have in common? They depend on good copy. At best, crappy copy means no one pays attention to what you have to say. At worst it means you get reported as spam, unliked, deleted etc. The good news is that copywriting is a skill you can learn. Like so many other things in life, the more you do it, the better you get! Here are a few of my favorite copywriting tips… Don’t edit while you write. Sit down and write what you need to without thinking about it too much. When you are done, walk... read more

How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation

Chances are I don’t need to convince you that you want to have a social media presence for your business. You get why that is important, but are you making the most of your social media presence? Are you using it to generate new leads for your business? Social Media is an excellent tool to use to generate more leads. Where else do you have access to thousands of people right at your fingertips – it’s a networking event on steroids. But, how do you use social media right to attract the right audience and generate the right leads for your business? Every type of marketing, no matter the goal, starts with the same thing: Know Your Audience You have to know everything you can about your audience. Who exactly are they? What is their sex? How much money do they make? What are their fears and concerns? What problems do they have that you can solve? You can get to know your audience by going where they are and studying them. Spell Out Your Goals You can’t start any type of marketing without a goal. In this case it’s lead generation. How many leads do you want to generate in what period of time? Exactly who do you want as a lead? What makes a perfect lead, and what would attract that perfect lead? Create a Content Strategy As they say, nothing is done without content. They don’t say that? Well, they should. Without content, you have no marketing strategy whatsoever. You’ll need to create content for your website/blog and social media that has the point of your... read more

2 Questions that Will Guarantee You Close More Sales

I’m sure you’ve heard the advice that as an entrepreneur it’s important to “know your numbers,” right? Most of the time people are talking about your financials but one other number it’s good to track is your closing ratio. Out of all of your sales conversations in a given week/month, what percentage do you close? For most of us, no matter what “your number” is, the answer to the question “would you like to close more sales?” would be a resounding YES. What if I told you that there are 2 magic questions you can ask at the start of any sales conversation that can significantly increase your chance of closing the sale? Curious? How ’bout if I add in that these 2 simple questions have a few other benefits too…they can also help you quickly identify those “tire kickers” who are just looking for free information but will never actually book with you AND the answer to these questions can dramatically improve your future marketing efforts? Seriously. These 2 simple questions are that important! So what are they? I posted the video below on my Facebook page with these tips. I got so many messages about it that I thought I would share it here (along with more info and details following the video!). Two Questions to Close More Sales There are 2 questions that you should be asking in every sales conversation you have and most entrepreneurs aren't asking either of them! I guarantee getting the answers to these questions will not only improve your closing ratio, but also make your future marketing a lot more compelling. Want to... read more

How to Use Online Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

Content marketing is one of my favorite ways to help entrepreneurs to grow their business online. Unfortunately when I say the words “content marketing” to them, a lot of my clients sigh and/or roll their eyes. They see it as “boring old blogging” that will become a time and creative suck for them. It doesn’t have to be that way, and even if it isn’t your favorite thing to do in your business, it’s without a doubt the key to establishing a great online presence that brings you new clients consistently. Marketing your business with online content is the ultimate way to bring traffic to your website. You can use articles, newsletters, blog posts, social media updates, FAQs and more to help bring traffic, but there are ways to do it so that you can grow your business the right way. Having a lot of followers isní’t indicative of success. Earning money is. So, if you want to grow your business you have to know which resources to leverage. Here are 8 things to keep in mind as you plan your online marketing strategy…   Content Is Still King Everything revolves around content. Content is needed for every aspect of your business. No matter what type of product or service your business offers, if you want to really benefit from your online presence, you’ll need a lot of content in order to educate, engage, and encourage your connections to buy from you. Forms of Content There are many different forms of content that you can use, such as blog posts on your website, guest posts and articles on other... read more

How to Use LinkedIn to Find Clients

Have you figured out how to use LinkedIn to find clients? LinkedIn is a great way to increase your reach beyond who you know to who your friends know. Remember that game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”? Well if you don’t this was a game that purports the idea that everyone is connected by six degrees of separation. You could find a path from any actor to Kevin Bacon in six degrees or less. Well, the same can be said for you, the entrepreneur. You are connected to everyone in some manner and lets you discover that connection within three degrees. If you want to start using linked in to find clients, you need to understand that to be found, and to make work for you, you have to focus your profile as well as your actions to ensure the best results. Top 10 Tips to Use LinkedIn to Find Clients As with any social media marketing, you definitely get out of of it what you put into it, but these 10 tips are the first place to start if you want to set your LinkedIn profile up to be found and noticed within those search results. Use a Professional Looking Headshot This is not the time to post a clever or funny photograph of yourself. headshots should be as professional as possible and focused on your face. You don’t have to wear a suit, but make the picture so that it has a solid background that is not distracting to your face. Ideally you want a photo that is from the shoulders up with you looking... read more

Is it Time to Hire a Business Coach?

Whether you’re just starting a business or you’re well into your venture, the idea of hiring a business coach may have come to mind. You may be wondering if a business coach can really make a difference for you. To answer this question, you need to understand what a business coach does, and how to choose the right one for you. I’ve worked with about 4 or 5 different business coaches now – some of them I’ve worked with very closely as a private coaching client, some I’ve participated in group programs where there wasn’t a lot of one-on-one coaching. My experiences have ranged from “meh…I guess it was OK” to “OMG that was awesome and I never would have achieved this without them!” but each one made a definite impact on my business (and a couple made a big impact on me personally). For the most part, they’ve all be great investments. At this point, I don’t want to be without some sort of access to a business mentor…someone who’s been where I want to go and has achieved what I want to accomplish (and who is committed to helping others achieve the same results!). I’m asked often why I made the decision to hire a business coach and what working with one is like.  Business coaching provides a way to interact with a someone who has “been there, done that” and is ready to show you the ropes. The right business coach will help you be more effective building your business and balancing it with your life. She (or he! I use she mainly because my mentors have all been... read more